OGCIO policies fall into two major areas:

  • National ICT Policies
  • iGov Policies


In the area of national ICT policies, OGCIO is responsible to provide leadership, support and assistance to the National ICT Policy Development process, and to act as Secretariat to the National ICT Development Committee (NIDC). The process is aimed at creating a National ICT Policy, Universal Access Policy and Cyber-security Policy that are tailored to Vanuatu conditions, are based on extensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders, and are ready to be operationalized by the those same stakeholders. Action plans by sector or ministry will be developed under the National ICT Policy.

National ICT Policy

Downloadable work plan and timeline for the National ICT Policy


Within the area of the iGov Initiative, one of OGCIO’s roles and responsibilities is to set policies standards for ICT purchase, usage, upgrades and disposal. This responsibility covers infrastructure, hardware, software, applications and all other ICT-related items, purchased or operated by all GoV ministries and agencies. OGCIO is in the process of developing these standards, beginning with the important SOE or Standard Operating Environment. The SOE which will set standards for the purchase of all PCs, laptops and servers, and will specify what operating systems are acceptable, what software will be centrally installed automatically, and what additional software and other items are allowed, and what is not (for safety and security reasons).

The SOE is currently under development by OGCIO and a contractor. Preliminary drafts are currently being reviewed by the OGCIO Technical Advisory Group (TAG). As such documents reach final draft form, they will be posted here, unless their content might allow for unwanted intrusions.

OGCIO has developed its approach to project, program and project management, based primarily on the Project Management Institute (PMI) world wide standard. This approach is downloadable below.

  • Project, program & Portfolio management report Download

Other draft standards and policies will also be posted here from time to time as they are developed, for comment and feedback.