OGCIO Procurements

This section provides upcoming and past procurements of the OGCIO, so that interested parties may bid on these opportunities or see what the office has procured in the past, pursuant to its mission. These opportunities generally fall into two categories: individual experts (both long and short term) and expert firms. Note that any GoV ICT-related opportunities will be listed here, regardless of the ministry or agency involved, if OGCIO is involved in a coordination or supervision role.

Upcoming Procurements for individual experts

In addition to formally requested procurements, OGCIO is contemplating upcoming needs. At present, OGCIO is planning to bring on board the following experts in the future:

  • Data architect (6 months)
  • ICT e-gov applications development expert (24 months)
  • ICT procurement and contracts advisor (24 months)
  • Senior e-gov program advisor (12 months)

If you have in-depth qualifications in these areas, you may wish to submit your resume for future consideration.

Download current or recent procurements for experts

Formal TORs and announcements for consultants to OGCIO (or related ICT procurements) are presented below.

Announcement for Law and Justice expert.  Closed  Download
TOR for Law and Justice expert  Closed  Download
TOR for Senior International Submarine Cable and Universal Access Advisor  Closed  Download
TOR for Senior International Submarine Cable Attorney  Closed  Download

Upcoming procurements for goods

OGCIO occasionally needs goods and services from firms in tower construction, power systems, air conditioning, ICT security, and other areas.

OGCIO will be undertaking the standard operation environment project, under which it will procure numerous services, then laptops, desktop computers, and other related items. More information on this major project will be made available as the effort progresses.