Organization Chart

The graphic below shows the organizational placement of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) within the Government of Vanuatu, and also the main OGCIO divisions. The Chief Information Officer answers directly to the Prime Minister and briefs him regularly on ICT developments. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is composed of the IT or ICT officers in the various ministries and agencies.

The “TRR” shown on the chart is the Telecommunications and Radio-communications Regulator, an independent agency operating under the laws of Vanuatu, whose mission is to regulate the ICT sector. OGCIO and TRR cooperate closely.

On 23 January 2013 the Prime Minister issued a letter clarifying the appropriate interaction between OGCIO and TRR. In summary, this letter gave the following directions:

  • The letter is to clarify efficient operations under the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act of 2009, and nothing in the letter is intended to prevent the Regulator from carrying out his duties under the Act.
  • The OGCIO is to provide expert advice to the PM regarding the PM’s effective functioning under the Act. TRR is requested to submit matters requiring the PM’s attention to the OGCIO for review, so that OGCIO can brief the PM and advise on these matters.
  • For TRR regulations under section 7 (3) of the Act which require the PM’s approval, should be submitted to the PM via the OGCIO and should include the text of the regulations, rationale, and description of the public consultation that was undertaken.

The thrust of this clarification is that the OGCIO is an integral part of the Prime Minister’s Office, not a separate entity, and hence submission of some ICT items to the PM (as required by certain sections of the Act) must of necessity incorporate OGCIO’s expertise and review. Note that this clarification does not affect parts of the Regulator’s functioning that do not require interaction with the Prime Minister’s Office.