Our Stakeholders

VIX signing 12-2012

OGCIO has identified the following key external (national ICT policy) and internal (iGov applications) stakeholders:

  • The people of Vanuatu
  • PMO, Council of Ministers, Parliament, and Malvatumauri (National Council of Chiefs)
  • Development Committee of Officials (DCOP), and the National ICT Development Committee (currently being established)
  • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of the OGCIO
  • Ministries and agencies, including quasi-independent or independent agencies, of the Government of Vanuatu
  • Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR)
  • Telecommunications service providers
  • ICT equipment installers, sellers of ICT equipment, ICT consultants, offshore outsourcing firms, and other players and employers in the ICT market
  • Other utilities in Vanuatu
  • Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and other business associations
  • Labor unions and professional associations
  • SMEs and organizations of SMEs
  • Private sector firms
  • Voluntary government watchdogs
  • Public policy institutes and think tanks in Vanuatu and the region
  • Regional and international associations active in ICTs
  • Regional and international voluntary groups and professional associations active in ICTs
  • Universities and colleges in Vanuatu and the region
  • Public and private schools in Vanuatu
  • Banks in Vanuatu
  • Tourism organizations and agencies in Vanuatu and the region
  • Agricultural associations in Vanuatu
  • NGOs and donor partners active or potentially active in Vanuatu
  • Diplomatic missions to Vanuatu, and countries active in trade, diplomacy, aid or exchanges with Vanuatu
  • International and regional organizations active in the area of ICTs, in particular the International Telecommunication Union, the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity, and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • Press and media outlets, domestic and foreign, which cover Vanuatu
  • Cultural centers, museums, speakers of regional and island languages, and other repositories of ni-Vanuatu culture and local content
  • Custom land owners
  • Current and potential investors in Vanuatu.
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OGCIO is committed to continuing its efforts to involve and advise stakeholders, and to move to an even higher level in the future, by using ICTs to maximize democratic consultation and stakeholder input

The graphic below shows the wide range of benefits that stakeholders can realize via strategic investment in ICTs.

The report below provides information on OGCIO'S approach to stakeholder management, which uses Project Management Institute (PMI) principles and standards.

Download Stakeholder Management ReportĀ