Right to Information Vanuatu

Welcome to the website of Right to Information Vanuatu. This website aims to give you updated on the progress of the Right to Information Policy implementation in Vanuatu.

What is Right To Information? The right to information is derived from the fundamental rights and freedoms recognised in international laws (for example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and in Article 5 of the Constitution of Vanuatu. It means that any person has the right to access information, subject to limited exceptions, from government and also from some private organisations. The right to access information means that you can access information that may help you in your life, for example, to find out what services are available in your area, what policies the government is implementing to improve health or education services, how and where aid money is spent, what your elected representatives in the Parliament are debating and how it will affect your life

Why is Right to Information important? RTI Vanuatu is important as it will:

  • Help to achieve a just, healthy, wealthy and wise Vanuatu
  • Promote good governance and accountability in government and other services
  • Improve government services and decision making
  • Reduce corruption
  • Support and protect all human rights
  • Include citizens in decision making.